RJK Holdings Difference

Our Knowledgeable Staff Can Help You No Matter Where You are In Your Journey of Healing through the Power of Medical Cannabis.

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We want to share our knowledge with you so you can use medical marijuana to improve your life. Our experienced staff is here to help. Whether you are an experienced medical patient or a first-time user, we will help you understand your path to healing through medical cannabis.

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We understand the need for understanding, education, and compassion in regards to medical cannabis. We are here to help the communities in which we operate in any way possible. We are involved within our local communities, including providing education about medical cannabis, engaging in charitable giving and volunteering.

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We believe in the healing potential of medical cannabis. Our mission is to create a safe and convenient way for patients to access high-quality, regulated medical cannabis through a network of licensed providers.

RJK Holdings AL LLC

A Trusted Dispensary

RJK Holdings has been an advocate for cannabis patients’ rights since day one and we have a vision for the future. The goal is to provide safe access to high quality medicine for all qualified patients in Alabama, regardless of whether or not they live within our service area. We believe that there are many strains that would be of interest to patients throughout the state, which is why we’re actively working to create relationships with growers throughout the state who share our mission of social impact and healing.

We currently have a Dispensary Application pending with the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission.

RJK Education Resources

Our blog provides helpful tips and recipes for patients who are looking for information that can help improve their overall health. Learn more about medical cannabis, including the latest scientific data and research on how cannabis can be beneficial in treating various conditions.